Best way to supply power from the house to the garage.

If you use say 2. If you had used 10 mm2 wire you would be down to Basically if you size the wires according to the above table you will be fine. So, if you need a wire to take 7 Amps in a loom then you need only 1 mm2 wire, which is actually the cross sectional area – 1. Note that the bigger wires are made up of a number of smaller wires twisted together. The number of strands will often be more in a car – these tables are normally for domestic wiring which has thicker strands. The maximum loadings still apply. Wire 5 and 7 core trailer flex is about the best thing around for doing the wiring runs to the front and rear of the car.

How to hook a car amp up to your PC

This bass amp head’s features include an input that accepts passive or active instruments, 4 semi-parametric tone controls with light rings around each knob that make your settings visible even on dark stages, and with tone centers that can be adjusted. Other features include an integrated tuner that is precise and extremely easy to use. A TubeTone circuit affects both the preamp and the output for realistic tube-amp character.

SpectraComp technology provides multi-band compression that is even across all strings. Presets, Mute, and Tuner can be selected remotely with the RC4 floor controller sold separately. Flexible tone control The RH bass amp head has straightforward controls like you know them from traditional amps, voiced to give you plenty of tweaking options to nail the perfect tone.

You will also want to be able to easily access the controls.

Hooking up a amp vehicle to a amp power pedestal whenever possible will help protect the long-term dependability of appliances in your rig, Finch says. The breakers for the electrical systems in most campgrounds are designed with a tolerance of percent, plus or minus. If breakers tripped at exactly 30 amps, they would cost much more — perhaps 10 times as much — as breakers normally used. A amp outlet supplies 3, watts 30 amps multiplied by volts. Therefore, the breaker on that outlet could meet code and still trip anywhere between a total load of 2, watts 80 percent of 3, watts and 4, watts percent of 3, watts.

That sets up a situation where the breaker on a amp outlet may not trip until the load exceeds 4, watts. For amp service, however, the potential amount of power used — 12, watts, or 50 amps times volts — represents more than three times as much possible demand as amp service. Conversely, a amp rig hooked up to a amp outlet is only getting about one-third of the power that the rig may need to run a full complement of appliances.

RV House Battery: How to keep it charged

Great little Amp – bad speaker This little amp has all the power I need and it really sounds great – play mostly on the clean mode and also with a little reverb. Only bad thing is the speaker only Read complete review This little amp has all the power I need and it really sounds great – play mostly on the clean mode and also with a little reverb. Only bad thing is the speaker only lasted about 6 months. I remembered seeing a review that someone had replaced their speaker with a Eminence Patriot H 8″ and that it sounded much better so I ordered one and installed it and it REALLY sounds beautiful and different.

It brought my Pro Humbuckers to life-can’t believe how beautiful and clear they sound now!

All it takes is a 12 volt power supply of some sort, Some Wire, some coax cable, and an antenna.

I am not a noob beginner just drooling over his first amp. I have been playing for 35 years and have owned many good amps. I have always preferred After a in-store test drive of both amps, neither one had the tone I wanted, not to mention the ‘fizz’ issue with the Mustang III. All of them sounded okay, including the stock 6V6, but the 6L6GC was creamy and wonderful sounding.

They make these amps to mod and play with, heck, they even have mods listed on the VHT facebook page! The only slight drawback I have with the amp may not even be an issue for many people Now that I have put quite a few hours in on it, it really isn’t bad. I’m sure that there is some ‘better’ speaker out there that I would probably be happier with, but for now, I have no problem using this one that came with it. As you can probably surmise, I didn’t buy this VHT because I needed a monster, I bought it because I need a good, small, portable combo amp that can give me the sort of tonal variety that I get with my ‘big’ amps the VHT is only 6 watts, but WOW what a 6 watts!

This amp delivers big time. It sounds good with the stock speaker, but I also ran it through my cabinet and it sounded beautiful and full. Knowing full well that I will have to mic the amp or use the included Line Out jack , I would gig with this amp with no hesitation whatsoever.

Car speakers for home audio

I only use this one for charging D cell batteries, and it can take a good 8 hours, more or less depending on the state of charge of the battery, to charge up D Cell NiMH batteries. Again, if you are just starting out, get the Powerex above and the Sanyo Eneloop batteries, if you really must have D cell batteries than get the batteries above and this charger. It’ll make a good backup AA charger for you as well in case you break, bash, smash, flood your other one.

There are some mAh 9 volts on Amazon, but I don’t want you to buy them. They will hold the charge the longest so you might be able to use them in an emergency without having to charge them up first.

You can buy aftermarket washer kits or raid wrecking yards.

Gadget Hacks This easy to follow silent and accurate video will guide you quickly and easily through what you’ll need, like a Power Supply, a sound system that has a Subwoofer Pre-output and a High Input adapter, which may already come with your amp. First learn what colored wires should be connected to simulate your PC starting. Then connect the amp to the power supply to simulate the car Head-Unit starting.

Once the power issues are handled, the video assists you with connecting your audio input. It is recommended to use a sound system which has an out put specifically for the sub woofer. However, if you don’t have this, then the video will instruct you on an alternative method as well. Locate the sub woofer positive and negative cables.

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Attempting to use an amplifier at an unstable load will damage the amp. Note that some high end car audio vendors intentionally underrate their amplifiers so that a 50×2 Watt amplifier 4 ohms really does produce x1 4 ohms. This is done so that car stereo systems using their equipment can enter car audio competitions in a lower Wattage category, giving them an edge over the competition.

Meanwhile, many low end manufacturers overstate the power of their amplifiers. How do you run speakers in parallel? Wiring speakers in parallel is simple.

A closed back cabinet will often sound tighter and more focused while an open back cabinet will sound slightly darker and not as punchy but slightly more transparent.

How to Install a Subwoofer With Built in Amp by Jule Pamplin To create a truly powerful car audio system you need to have a wide ranging speaker set-up and the proper power to drive those speakers. Most vehicles are equipped with a series of door panel and rear deck speakers. Optional stereo systems often come with subwoofers and amplifiers. If your vehicle is not equipped with an upgraded audio system, you can install amps and subwoofers yourself.

To save time and space a popular solution is a powered subwoofer. A powered subwoofer is a sub that comes with a built-in amplifier. Powered subwoofers are easier to install and saves space in your trunk or rear cargo area. Disconnect the grounding cable and attach the ring terminal from the amplifier wiring kit. Loosen the bolt that holds the grounding cable to your vehicle’s negative battery lead with pliers or an adjustable wrench. Move the cable away from the lead.

Remove the bolt from the positive lead and connect the ring terminal. Replace the bolt and remove the fuse from the fuse holder of the ring terminal. Feed the cable into the interior of the vehicle through the opening in the firewall. Removal procedures vary among vehicles.

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A power mic Unless you know something about electronics, you’ll have to have a professional Wire this new mic into your radio

But if you insist on using an amp meter, here’s the information. The most important feature of the amp meter is that it is a low resistance high current device. It must be installed in series with an electrical load to limit current flow. If you were to wire the amp meter directly across the battery as you would with a volt meter the amp meter would immediately pass so much current as to fry the meter, almost instantly.

Some amp meters may actually be fused for internal protection. When properly wired in series with an electrical load the amp meter will monitor the current flowing in the circuit. This particular ammeter appears to be manufacture, so not exactly the correct period for MGA. However, since the ammeter was never standard equipment on the MGA, an aftermarket accessory could be almost any design hopfully not ugly.

If you have amp alternator you would need a amp meter. The direct reading vintage analog type dash mounted amp meter requires hookup wires sufficiently large to carry the full current in the circuit being monitored.

How to Install a Car Amp (with Pictures)

I decided to not cut up my PSU cables as i may need the computer it came from at some point, you will need to find the pins shown in the pic, they are on the connector that was originally on your motherboard, the cables should be green and black, any black ground connector will do the trick. Now a quick check, turn on your PSU and if the fan spins you’re all set for the next step.

Wiring Your Amp So you have your amp ready? This is a good reference, it was made by BR14n https:

I thought that might be the different amperage is the problem, and after viewing this article my confusion increased.

How to Power a Car Amplifier Using a Computer Power Supply If you recently switched vehicles and have no room for that big subwoofer in your new car, don’t give it or throw it away. Use it inside or outside your house by having it powered by a computer power supply. Steps 1 Find the power pin. In the power supply packaging if bought new there should be a pinout diagram.

It will be on the biggest pigtail. If your power supply did not come with a pinout diagram, check the manufacturer website for a pinout diagram. Refer to the pinout diagram to know which color is the ground wire. Refer to the Pinout diagram to know which color the 12v rails are. Use electrical tape to bundle them together exposing their strip ends on one side. If using a soldering iron, solder all the ends together. Refer to the Pinout diagram to know which color the grounds are.

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Skaperen It’s not the DC that loses alot It would be the same for AC at the same voltage. When the voltage is lower, the current has to be higher to get the same power across. The voltage drop across a resistance e. At volts a 60 watt resistive load would have ohms.

The quality and durability of the drivers is crucial The driver membranes should be made out of decent material.

In some ways, thick, high-end wire can present MORE of a problem than the conventional skinnier stuff. More on that later. For the purposes of discussion we will use the term “amp” short for amplifier to refer to any receiver, integrated amp or power amp. This sheet is intended for solid state, transistorized sets. We’ll leave tubes out of this particular discussion. It is absolutely crucial that you use extra care in hooking up any solid state transistorized amp. The first rule is to make sure the amp is turned off before connecting the speakers.

Next make sure your wires are long enough to reach the speakers in one piece – rather than splicing numerous pieces together. When connecting the wire to the amp and speaker, make sure you have the proper “connectors” on the wire to mate with their respective terminals. There are many types of plugs, jacks etc. We can either supply you with these connectors or send you to a place that has them. Often connector plugs are not needed and simply “tinning” the stranded wire with solder is adequate.

How to hook a car amplifier to your house !