Steve had been in Waterloo for a couple of years at this point and was living in an apartment on Hazel Street in Waterloo. Alison was still living at home with her parents as she finished up her degree at the University of Waterloo. Both Alison and Steve were looking for love and decided to turn to the world of internet dating to see if a virtual connection could be made with someone on the reputable PlentyOfFish. Then, one day before the end of October, she received a message that got her heart aflutter. I mean, we should go for coffee sometime! She decided to delve a little further into this mystery man’s profile.

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Eclectically curious and always learning. Way back in , we arrived fresh-faced at the University of Waterloo not really knowing what SYDE is, and left its campus as mature men and women five years later still somewhat unsure. All we can say for sure is that the time in between was a truly life-altering experience. This piece features some of the highlights, but I highly recommend scrolling through the full document. Co-op is a brilliant model for higher education.

Ensign Macready, on the ridge above, remembers:

Thinking highly of your romantic partner may be good for the relationship, but a new study warns about over-idealizing your partner. Scholars from four different universities collaborated to examine the effect of being too much of a cheerleader for your significant other. They wanted to specifically understand the types of qualities men and women choose to promote and how it impacts the person being praised. More than married, dating and engaged couples were involved in three different experiments.

In one test, a partner was erroneously led to believe their significant other spent time listing their qualities on paper. Later on, researchers would gauge the physical interaction between the couple, including how closely the misinformed partner chose to sit to their partner. In another experiment, each partner was asked to rate their own traits, such as moodiness or being upbeat, and qualities, such as musically-inclined or good with money.

They were then asked to estimate how their partner would rate them. When these results were compared against relationship satisfaction levels, married couples were most likely to praise traits while dating couples were more likely to praise abilities. The study appears in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

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It was the first permanent IBM installation in the world to do scientific work Comrie’s Greenwich setup had not been permanent. In late , Eckert presented a paper on this work to the American Astronomical Society. A seemingly mundane but significant aspect of this work was the new ability to feed the result of one computation into the next and print the results of these calculations directly, thus eliminating the transcription errors that were common in astronomical and lunar tables [ 17 ].

At last he takes his leave, exclaiming:

It’s home to the head offices of the five largest banks and three of the top four insurance companies in the country. These financial institutions are globally recognized, with a broad U. An hour by air to New York, Boston or Chicago, this vibrant region of Ontario ranks high among the world’s most established fintech ecosystems. Located in southern Ontario, just north of the U. Over six million people live and work in the area. Huge opportunity for fintech companies Representing the single largest population group by generation, Millennials demand convenience and low cost, self-serve financial alternatives.

Canadian financial institutions are responding by collaborating with emerging fintech companies, leveraging their agility and innovative spirit to deliver better customer experiences. Talent that shines through Fintech entrepreneurs are solution providers, actively moving the industry forward. Supported by a steady supply of excellent engineering talent graduating from the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto , these businesses focus on designing and offering new innovative fintech tools.

What shines through is the talent, coupled with the environment that these academic institutions create. It’s so inspiring and we’re so lucky to be able to tap into that. The quality of the engineering graduates in the area was definitely a factor in his return.


All full-time female faculty members at the University of Guelph will be getting a raise after a salary review found they were being paid less than their male colleagues. Charlotte Yates, the provost at the Ontario university, said the decision comes after crunching the numbers gathered through the review launched last year. That represents more than tenured, tenure-track and contract faculty.

The raises began on June 1, she said, but faculty were notified of the change on Tuesday. Yates said the school performed a robust statistical analysis taking into account a wide variety of factors including gender, age, experience, hiring date and some performance data. The results showed female faculty were being underpaid compared to their male colleagues.

See examples of The Divine Proportion.

Practical summary of undergraduate applied mathematics and physics for scientists and engineers now available here. Comprehensive computational science and engineering book now available here. Current research, now performed in collaboration with CIENA, concentrates on efficient procedures for analyzing statistically unlikely quantities such as random bit errors, measurement techniques for communication systems with emphasis on very high-speed measurements of polarization activity and polarization mode delay in optical communication components and theoretical and numerical models of polarization evolution.

Under the overall direction of David Yevick, Professor of Physics, the laboratory delivers practical, innovative and leading-edge solutions to industry while developing general physical and mathematical results and techniques that can be employed in wide areas of applied physics. Additional work carried out before included studies of electromagnetic field propagation in passive and active optical waveguides and devices and physical processes such as carrier recombination in optoelectronic devices.

This website contains an overview of the previous research carried out by David Yevick’s group, a comprehensive list of our publications, the students currently involved in our projects, references to our computational physics textbook and to our courses and contact information. Beam Propagation Wave Propagation Presentation: An overview of some older work on beam propagation by David Yevick and his coworkers and students can be found here.

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Copyright by J. Johnston and University of Waterloo. Conducive – Emotional these images can have a positive effect on learning when positive emotions are evoked. In EARTH , the course author uses the following image to engage students in an activity designed to help them take notice of their environment in a different way than ever before. This particular image was selected to prompt students to carefully observe, track, and interpret hidden clues in the landscape.

The activity provides opportunities for students to actively construct ideas, a process further enhanced through the positive affect created by the image.

James Deeny, managing director at the London Mint Office, says, ‘ It seems unbelievable that there has never been a memorial in Britain to pay tribute to the soldiers who fought at the Battle of Waterloo.

Early life[ edit ] McGuinty was born in Ottawa , Ontario. His parents are politician and professor Dalton McGuinty Sr. Being the son of a Francophone mother and an Anglophone father, McGuinty is bilingual. McGuinty is the second Roman Catholic to hold the premiership. He is an alumnus of St. Patrick’s High School in Ottawa, earning a B. He then earned his LL. B from the University of Ottawa before practising law in Ottawa.

Since , he has been married to high school girlfriend Terri McGuinty, who is an elementary school teacher. The couple have one daughter and three sons. He was re-elected in Ottawa South in the provincial election without much difficulty. He was elected leader at the party’s convention December in a surprise victory over front-runner Gerard Kennedy. Kennedy, a former head of Toronto ‘s Daily Bread food bank , was popular on the progressive wing of the party, while McGuinty built his core support on its establishment and pro-business right-wing which some nicknamed the “anything-but-Kennedy movement”.

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Led university with 24 schools and 40 specialist research centres spanning the sciences, very flexible by nature. Colleges have academic schools, higher Education Funding Council for England. Despite this the six College Student Committees, arts and humanities. Two new colleges opened on speed dating glasgow metropolitan Canterbury campus, with speed dating glasgow metropolitan entrances on the A Whitstable Road, the initial houses were opened in

Rather than showing the vast diversity of autism communities, mainstream news articles present autistic people through a heterosexualized, gendered, and whitewashed lens.

Pires is an advisory board leader and keynote speaker for several global conferences on innovation, operational excellence, leadership development, strategy execution, business transformation, customer engagement and growth acceleration. Johnson, Abbott and Pepsi. Ricardo moved to Wisconsin, USA, with his wife, 10 years ago. He worked with Finance to quantify the cost of poor quality and over the next 4 years he led improvement Teams across Manufacturing to bring more value to the company.

Today Lean Enterprise is a strategic imperative enabling the success of Bose Corporation business improvement strategies worldwide. Prior to Bose, Jeff was employed at Wyman-Gordon Company, producers of technically advanced structural and engine components for the Aerospace Industry.

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Why did the Project Manager Cross the Road? September 6, by Paul Bergman Leave a Comment A thick skin and a sense of humour can go a long way for a project manager. A well timed joke can diffuse a stressful situation, and a humourous anecdote is an excellent way to make an important project management lesson more memorable. An inappropriate joke, however, is a sure way of putting a project team on edge, and perhaps even be sufficient cause for dismissal.

Why did the project manager cross the road?

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Nov 04, 5: November 4, comments A view of the outside of the University of Waterloo’s Engineering 5 building, which includes the Student Design Centre. The Centre is a space for engineering students to put their studies to practical use by building everything from robots to solar cars. The magazine, which admits the ratings are subjective, also called the university ‘Best Overall’ and top of the heap when it comes to making the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow.

Here’s a look at ten innovative and influential former Waterloo students: Mike Lazaridis Mike Lazaridis co-founder of BlackBerry, has been a driving force behind the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, which was conceived as a world leading centre for research. The company launched the first smartphone ever, the BlackBerry in , changing mobile communications. Lazaridis also has an Academy Award to his name, a technical Oscar for work refining and further developing digital time-code slates.

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