How SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft will dock with the International Space Station

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Evidence for Rule by secrecy Whilst the Soviet Union trumpeted its achievements in space around the world, it was studious in concealing its mistakes.

For a few moments tonight, the Space Station should be visible Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The children of Britain looking to the sky to see Santa’s sleigh tonight could catch a glimpse of a craft at the International Space Station passes over the UK. Astronomer Jon Marchant, of Liverpool John Moores University, said the space station will look similar to a fast-moving plane.

There’s plenty of opportunity to get a plane mixed up with the ISS. Keep an eye out for Santa and his reindeer tonight To give you a true measure of the speed it’s travelling, the spacecraft completely circles the Earth about every 90 minutes, meaning the crew get to see 15 sunrises every day. The space station is the length of a rugby pitch, and over the past 14 years has been home to more than astronauts from eight countries.

If you want to spot the festive flyover get yourself and your children outside just after 5pm to become accustomed to the dark. Those in southern Britain will get the best view of the space station at 5. In London people should look up at around 35 degrees from the horizon and watch for a ball of light moving across the sky from the west. The ISS will also be visible from Cardiff, where it will be around 32 degrees before moving up to around 53 degrees. In Merseyside, facing west, south west, look for a very bright looking “star” that will be travelling in a straight line towards you.

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Discovery and a crew of seven will deliver supplies and equipment to the International Space Station. The routine survey began early Saturday evening and lasted until the wee hours of Sunday. NASA officials say no fuel tank debris was observed hitting Discovery during Friday’s midnight liftoff.

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What Will It Be Like? What’s its going to be when space combat finally arrives? Is it going to be like WWI aircraft?

Thus an angle ‘y’ of 90 degrees produces a rotation of 90 degrees.

Spacewalk coordinators had devised extensive procedures to handle contamination after an incident during a spacewalk when the original lines were installed. In that incident, a leaking connector sprayed ammonia into space, contaminating the spacesuit worn by astronaut Robert Curbeam. He spent extra time outside so the sun could bake off the ammonia.

Lopez-Alegria and Williams have another set of lines to install during a spacewalk on Sunday to complete the installation of the new system. The work is the most ambitious NASA has attempted on the half-built station without a space-shuttle crew present. Williams, who was making her second spacewalk, and Lopez-Alegria, on his seventh, also packed up a radiator panel that is no longer needed, an operation that went much more smoothly than the solar array wing retraction that gave the U.

The upgrades are needed to prepare the station for additional modules built by the European Space Agency and Japan. The station is a multinational project, headed by the United States and Russia.


Pete Worden and Gov. Linda Lingle signed a three-year non-reimbursable Space Act Agreement establishing a partnership for space exploration, scientific research and education initiatives in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, known as STEM, including robotics initiatives. NASA maintains a satellite tracking station on the island of Kauai and has a long history of conducting deep space observations from the advanced telescopes on the Hawaiian Islands.

It also supports a broad range of educational programs through the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium at the University of Hawaii. The Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory will train engineering and science students to design and build small satellites.

So will astronaut Nicole Stott, the replacement for an astronaut who has been at the orbiting complex for more than a month.

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