How to Hide Apps on Android (with Pictures)

It will not delete all photos on a user’s profile, just those automatically synced from the user’s phone. The feature has been available since , enabling users to backup all photos taken on their phones to a synced private album on their Facebook profile, if they chose to do so. Users can save these synced photos by switching over to the Moments app before the deadline, or by downloading them to their computer. But after this date the synced album will be deleted from their online profiles. If you are lucky enough to own an Android, simply open Messenger and tap on Settings it is your person icon. Once SMS is connected to Messenger, you can send standard text, images, videos and audio — just like before. And you will have all the same stickers, emojis and location sharing at your fingertips. Marcus does note that in order to send GIFs, send money, make voice and video calls and request transportation you will have to use regular Messenger. However, what makes this feature more ideal is that even though this is only available for Android, user can send SMS messages to recipients on any platform.

Android Basics: Managing Notifications on Android

Follow and Unfollow other users, tweet, retweet, etc. The main advantage of using the Twitter app instead of going straight to the website is the greater ease of use that comes with receiving constant notifications in the notifications bar on your Android device. Furthermore, the differences in functionality are practically priceless. Storify is shutting down, but we’ve got your back with these alternatives It’s always a little sad when certain websites close their doors for good, and that’s exactly what’s happening with Storify.

Alerts that you accidentally swipe away or ones you notice only as they slowly vanish after you tap the Clear All button are gone for good.

Nov 05, , India is the fastest growing geography for Amazon Prime and Prime Video , which the company had launched in December , and is witnessing the highest engagement levels across the Prime universe, said Amit Agarwal , country manager — India. Amazon is also raising the content game by launching 30 more originals in multiple languages as it looks to go mass market to capture more consumers.

And we see a lot of customers become Prime members starting with video and people who start with shopping, engage with Prime very quickly. We are very excited how Prime is catching up in India. Amazon Prime offers benefits, including free next day and two-day guaranteed delivery, and ad-free music and video streaming services.

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A new report from PSafe concludes that almost a fifth of Android malware stems from adult dating scams. The other two prominent malware sources are fake giveaways and fake virus alerts. The company recently released a report on the state of Android security in the first quarter of The report in brief? Android users need to stop falling for the same old tricks.

It’s helped me get out of bed, became my own personal bartender, and a lot more.

Icons in the second depth are organized into groups of nine, making them easier to locate. Users can also utilize the integrated S Finder to locate what they want on their smartphone or the web straight from the Quick Panel. Notifications are now grouped to display information more clearly and also support Direct Reply. Multi Window An improved controller allows the window size to be more easily adjusted in split screen view.

Also, with a new pop-up window function that supports up to five separate windows in addition to the two in the split-screen view, users can access up to seven apps at the same time. Performance Mode The newly added Performance Mode lets users optimize their smartphones to better meet their specific needs by activating one of the four available modes.

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Be in touch with our support docs and knowledge base Here – Notice: Updates Peepmatches v 1. Videos plugin is a part of any social networks and important to enable site users to share their videos from other videos websites like youtube, facebook, vimeo All dating and social networks needs photos privacy, so we add options for site’s based on peepmatches script to make their photos private for their contacts only or for selected contacts or protect them with password.

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Premium Mobile app with push notifications 1. Your mobile site html app is free forever. If you invite 8 people your android app is free to for one month. Premium features and you will get iOS app, android app, html mobile site, push notifications and all the premium features. By spelunk68 Every once in a while you find one of those plugins where it is incredible the amount of work that someone has done creating a plugin, and it is available at such a minimal cost, then to top it off the author is very responsive with communications to any issues you may have and strives to help you find a solution.

This is one of those rare type of plugins and plugin authors.. Publish your wordpress site as an app that is available in the google and apple stores. If you have the need I would try this plugin, you can get an idea of ho your app will look and perform without ever spending a penny, then once you are comfortable you can take it to the app stores for such a minimal cost. By vinodalbal I am very much impressed with this plugin, never had any issues or problems using the plugin.

Best Missed Call Alert Apps for Android

If you have not sign up eskimi account, you have to create eskimi account now. Most people are still on java level while Android and iOS are trending on Mobile industries. So if you are one of those guys out there, this article is for you. All you will have to do is read to the endof this article.

All dating and social networks needs photos privacy, so we add options for site’s based on peepmatches script to make their photos private for their contacts only or for selected contacts or protect them with password.

Twitter Advertisement My Android device just suggested I buy a brand new Audi, displaying a full screen popup advertisement to persuade me. As someone who prefers to keep all manner of promotional materials, social networks, and malware off his phone, this came as something of a surprise. One of my apps is serving ads. But which one is the malware? Remember Notification Area ads? The good news is that you can determine which apps With Notification Area ads which can still impact users on older devices , it is straightforward to identify the app responsible thanks to its icon appearing next to the ad in Android 4.

Full screen ads, on the other hand, are a little different. This is fair enough, as long as the ads appear in the game. But what if the ads are popping up on the home screen with no warning? Putting it plainly, this is malware, something that can take some work to trace. As the Advertising without Compromising User Experience page of the online Android app development training program states: When deciding where to place ads within your application, you should carefully consider user-experience.

In fact, this practice is banned by some ad networks.

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WhatsApp allows you to format your messages — same way as you format text in any word processor, say Microsoft Word or Google Docs. For more on this, check out this post. You can then type out and read all your messages on your PC or laptop. On your mobile device, open WhatsApp and click the Options button at the top right hand side, then tap WhatsApp Web from the options. Then using your phone, scan the QR code shown on the browser on your PC.

Fully Control Your Android Device from Any Computer Have you ever been using your computer when a friend randomly decides it’s time to start up a text message conversation?

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