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Quadrangle Characteristics Quadrangles are named after their geometric shape, although – for convenience – von Petzinger also includes other four-sided figures in this category, including rectangles, squares, rhomboids and trapezoids. Also included are shield-shaped symbols scutiforms and “cloisonne” shapes quadrangles with crosshatch patterns inside. Prevalence and Location These 4-sided signs appear in 20 percent of French caves. At first quadrangles occur mainly in the Dordogne in southwestern France. Later they spread further south to the Ardeche and the Pyrenees. Dating Quadrangle-type signs were painted and engraved in all periods of the Upper Paleolithic, occurring most frequently in the Aurignacian, which ranks it amongst the oldest art in its field. Examples Ancient sites containing “Quadrangle signs”, include: Reniform Characteristics The name Reniform derives from the Latin term for “kidney-shaped”. It is similar to but still distinct from circles and ovals. Prevalence and Location Reniform symbols are rare, being found at only three French sites.

Q&A: Dating of 20th century Chinese Porcelain

October 15, at 8: I just wish I could name and shame these people asafbsh84 told me he had another 4 bowls and did me a deal for them at less each than the initial. They are all in perfect condition and being shallow bowls are very easy to display on stands and although they look like blue lustre in the photos, they are more a deep iridescent violet. I have not replaced the Noire Royale or many others yet, or my trays and only a couple of trefoil handled serving dishes…but I would REALLY like to thank people from as far as the UK, US, Europe and the wonderful pixie who have been so kind and encouraging.

That is, one can sift enamel onto the metal, lay down the stencil, then use a brush to remove the enamel in the cut-out area negative.

Components[ edit ] Beads can be made of many different materials. The earliest beads were made of a variety of natural materials which, after they were gathered, could be readily drilled and shaped. As humans became capable of obtaining and working with more difficult materials, those materials were added to the range of available substances. But nowadays synthetic materials were added. In modern manufacturing, the most common bead materials are wood, plastic , glass , metal , and stone.

Natural materials[ edit ] Beads are still made from many naturally occurring materials, both organic i. However, some of these materials now routinely undergo some extra processing beyond mere shaping and drilling such as color enhancement via dyes or irradiation.

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The value of an item is dependent upon many things, including the condition of the object itself, trends in the market for that kind of object, and the location where the item will be sold. These are just some of the reasons why the answer to the question “What’s it worth? Take note of the date the appraisal was recorded. This information appears in the upper left corner of the page, with the label “Appraised On.

Most of our experts will give appraisal values in context. For example, you’ll often hear them say what an item is worth “at auction,” or “retail,” or “for insurance purposes” replacement value.

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A UK eBay listing for a similar Bill Yee vase described it as an “antique,” but the materials, production process, and maker all date such items to the 21st century — perhaps an antique of tomorrow but certainly not one yet! If we don’t know how to “date” what we’re selling, we’ll end up marrying it. What I mean by “dating” in this context, of course, isn’t the romantic prelude to a longer-term relationship but knowing how old something is.

And knowing how to date the objects we collect or sell is often easier said than done. Here are some general tips for dating. Know who made it Many problems in dating begin with maker misattribution. Just because it’s Burmese doesn’t necessarily mean it’s 19th century Mount Washington; it could be late 20th century Fenton Art Glass. Just because a piece of porcelain has a cross-swords mark doesn’t necessarily mean it’s old Meissen; not all Meissen is old, and the crossed swords mark was subsequently used by any number of porcelain companies right up to the present day.

If it’s not specifically marked with a Gustav Stickley signature, it’s probably not a Gustav Stickley table even if it’s made in his style — and since the Stickley company is still in business, not all Stickley-marked furniture is Gustav’s or even antique — though a particular mark can help identify the era of production. While some of the Chinese miniatures shown here are older than others, I don’t think any of them dates before Yet I’m also pretty sure that none of them is machine made, judging from the asymmetrical form of the stylized “clouds” and other background cloisons.

Old furniture was “dove-tailed” with interlocking tongues of wood , and the finest furniture was finely dovetailed with the tongues finely cut and interlocked. However, just because furniture construction is finely dovetailed doesn’t necessarily make it old. Today, there are many carpenter artisans working with old furniture construction styles, and the prices on the work of these artisans can rival those for the finest antiques.


History[ edit ] 8th? From the Staffordshire Hoard , found in , and not fully cleaned. In the jewellery of ancient Egypt , including the pectoral jewels of the Pharaohs , thicker strips form the cloisons, which remain small. Red garnets and gold made an attractive contrast of colours, and for Christians the garnet was a symbol of Christ.

A special exhibition of the new findings from Susa was held in Paris in Fouilles de Tello , at a time when the museum lacked space to house these artifacts.

A very good and difficult to find brown and blue cloth sword knot to complete a WW2 Japanese officers sword. A very nice Bulgarian army officers dagger dating to the ‘s. Decorative gilt hilt fittings with white plastic grip plates, there are a few tiny scuff marks to one side of the grip from the rubbing of the chain hanger but no chips or cracks. Silver scabbard with gilt fittings, the upper mount obverse side features the Hungarian lion, the reverse side features a large building.

Complete with chain hanger. Rutland is the smallest county in England and eventually the 58th Regiment was incorporated into the Northamptonshire Regimen in becoming the 2nd battalion. Gilt brass badge with Regimental number 58 to the center with motto to the outer edge and Victorian crown above. The reverse side features two loops for attachment to the hat. A very nice gilt brass badge with Regiment number 48 to the center and title to the outer edge with Victorian crown above.

Emile Joseph Nestor Carlie was born in France is and became a highly respected artist for his bronze sculpture’s and exhibiting in many French gallery’s and producing many fine bronze figures of beautiful woman and also soldiers in full military uniform, his work is highly regarded and collected. This figure depicts a soldier in full military uniform wearing beret and holding a short carbine riffle, attached to his belt is an ammunition pouch, bred bag and bayonet, attached to his back is his backpack and equipment.

How to Identify Cloisonne

You are free to reproduce this material as long as you give me credit: This information was written by enamelist Karen L. Here is a printable document on Japanese enameling terminology. Thus anything that can be made out of metal can be enameled; anything from vases to spoons, to frames to jewelry, from metal mesh to solid forms, from large to small, from fancy to plain. Even the tub inside your common household washing machine is most likely enameled.

Their names were not known until the 60s of the last century.

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Japanese, Other, Cloisonne from The Zentner Collection

There are two methods of applying enamel to metal: For a… Materials and techniques Enamel is a comparatively soft glass, a compound of flint or sand, red lead, and soda or potash. These materials are melted together, producing an almost clear glass, with a slightly bluish or greenish tinge; this substance is known as flux or frit—or, in France, fondant.

The degree of hardness of the flux depends on the proportions of the components in the mix. Enamels are termed hard when the temperature required to fuse them is very high; the harder the enamel is, the better it will withstand atmospheric agencies, which in soft enamels first produce a decomposition of the surface and ultimately cause the breakup of the whole enamel.

Odd items can be found in other Parisian museums, such as the exquisite pen box, probably from Shiraz, ca.

The name comes from the French word “cloisonner” meaning “to partition. Most of the cloisonne available is from oriental countries, but France and Russia also produce cloisonne art imports to the United States. Commodore Perry is credited with the rise of cloisonne imports from Japan when he visited the country in , according to the Haverford College website. Make sure the base product is a metal. Cloisonne begins with fine wires that form the cloisons, or cells, applied to a metal background.

Enamel is then used to fill the cells to give the cloisonne effect. Eglomise often looks like cloisonne, but it is enamel applied to glass from the backside. Know the difference between champleve and cloisonne. Champleve begins with a metal base, and the maker applies an enamel fill to incised or cut areas on the surface, leaving portions of the metal for you to see. Wires are not used in this process. Feel the surface with your fingernail. The enamel will be smooth on quality cloisonne, but you may feel the tiny metal cells on most forms.

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