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In Mexico Warning Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. Brownsville – Brownsville Cemetery Bloody Hill – There is a story that the cemetery is haunted by an evil spirit that lost his life in a bloody struggle. He was dating this very wealthy man’s daughter and she was just using him. She told her father that her boyfriend beats her. He ordered him to die. They took it to far. They tied him down and they tortured him.

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That image brought me heartache but not surprise. As a Latin American, I am saddened by the fact that this is an all too familiar story in this part of the world — one only needs to remember the struggles of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo to find the “desaparecidos” during Argentina’s military dictatorship. As a Mexican, it pains me to realize that people going missing has become so much a part of our social everyday reality that it no longer arouses our public indignation; only indifference and apathy.

As a philosopher, I am pressed to place these tragedies and, more importantly, our reactions to them within the larger Mexican perspective on life and death, as I strive to understand the sense of responsibility that compels human beings to bury the dead, and in this particular case, to find them, so they can be buried. As I struggle to answer the last question, I am drawn to the work of Robert Pogue Harrison, a professor of literature at Stanford University.

Entrance to the house is by guided tour.

According to the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores , certain foreign nationals who intend to stay in Mexico for fewer than days for the purpose of tourism or business, or 30 days if in transit, may enter Mexico visa-free. Other visa exempt persons include: Citizens of any country who hold a valid visa for, or who are permanent residents of, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States or the Schengen Area. Citizens of any country who are permanent residents of Chile, Columbia or Peru.

Residents of French overseas departments and territories, Danish territories, and Dutch Caribbean territories. Note that for British nationals, only holders of British Citizen, British National Overseas and British Subject passports are eligible for visa-free entry. See the official list for who may enter visa-free. Authorisation is valid for 30 days and a single entry.

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The tour guides give something really good information. Sometimes the lighting feels cheap and ruins the naturalness of th The views inside the caverns are beautifull. Its a 2km walk but it doesnt seem like that.

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Veracruz Fuerte de San Juan de Ulua. Located on a rocky shoal in the harbor, the guns of this huge old Spanish fortress helped defend the city during the U. Presently maintained by the Mexican navy, San Juan de Ulua now houses an exhibit tracing its long history, although there is little emphasis on the Mexican War. Most of the exhibits focus on the Spanish treasure fleets and the Mexican Revolution of The fort is accessible by a causeway from the port area of the city.

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Not only the indigenous, mestizo and Negro slaves were having problems with the social order.

First settlers[ edit ] Yumas native of William H. Washington The first settlers were the Chichimecas. Current research has shown a culture of twelve thousand years old. They were generally called Chichimecas to distinguish them from the larger and more powerful cultural groups of Middle America: It is said they were nomadic or semi-nomadic, not wandering aimlessly, but obeying regular movement patterns inside recognized territories; what anthropologists call territorial nomadism.

The Spanish settlers “baptized” them by erasing their original names. Specialists have differentiated several linguistic nuclei between the tribes that inhabited the region but have failed to find a uniform approach, placing them in the family of the Athabascans , the Hokan or Macro-Yuma, subgroup Coahuilteco-Karankawa.

The density of prehistoric domestic waste found in the area confirms that there was a relatively large population, at least seasonally. Radiocarbon tests placed the earliest occupation in Boca de Potrerillos about years ago. Epstein, undertook an extensive research program in the entire area. Born in the Azores in , Captain Alberto del Canto was commissioned by Martin Lopez de Ibarra to found the town of Santiago del Saltillo in and that same year “discovered” the valley of Extremadura and established a place called Monterrey which today is called Santa Lucia.

As mayor of Tampico , he was entrusted with the “pacification” of the Huasteca and participated in several campaigns of exploration.

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Share The student paced the classroom, apparently firing at least seven shots with the handgun The boy, whom authorities said was ‘depressed,’ stood in the center of the classroom and raised the gun to his head repeatedly, though it did not fire The crowded classroom was left with a jumble of overturned chairs, blood and fallen students.

Nuevo Leon state Gov Rodriguez said the shooter died at a hospital and that the other three victims with head wounds were ‘fighting between life and death. State security spokesman Aldo Fasci said the student shot the year-old teacher, a year-old girl and a year-old boy in the head, and a year-old classmate in the arm. He reportedly blamed the internet for the horrific shooting, stating that young people ‘have access to everything in social networks’, before adding the attack was ‘undoubtedly the product of what they saw in social networks in other countries.

Oscar Aboytes, spokesman for emergency services in Nuevo Leon, said all of the wounded were rushed to hospital. He wrote on Twitter:

When we started it was clouded over and couldn’t see the entrance from the ground and when we got to the top couldn’t see the ground.

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May 10th, in Latin America Mexican Girls Mexico Monterrey Nightlife Mexico has always been a prime destination for mongering thanks to its large selection of cities to visit. For whatever reason, Monterrey maintains a low profile not only in the tourism realm, but mongering as well. What was once considered the safest city in the country went through some pretty bad stuff a few years ago, as the rival drug gangs fought with each other, which ended up spilling over into the public a few times as well.

Those are the scammers and sometimes they will even wait patiently for a couple of months before asking.

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Want to use this map on your web site? Copy and Paste the code below: In a spectacular location on the side of a series of hilltops kilometers south of Mexico City, Taxco is a popular tourist destination due to its colonial low tiled houses, tiny squares, quaint alleyways, and numerous secluded corners. Completed in , this masterpiece of Churrigueresque architecture includes a main entrance flanked by a pair of Corinthian columns enclosing a row of sculptures and the Pope’s triple crown.

The building’s elaborate ornamentation includes statues, weapons, foliage, shells, ribbons, and cherubims and is topped by a dome covered with blue and yellow tiles.

Most heavy industries glass, car and steel factories and oil refineries were relocated outside of the city and unleaded vehicle fuels were introduced.

Parque Alameda Central Share: Parque Alameda Central, a shady and beautifully kept park with many splendid fountains and sculptures, was laid out in on the site of a once busy Aztec market it remains a bustling location to this day, especially at Christmas when it is beautifully illuminated and decorated. Popular attractions here are the music and colorful costumes seen in performances of traditional Mexican dances at the Teatro de Bellas Artes, a huge hall famous for its spectacular glass-mosaic curtain made by Tiffany’s of New York depicting the Valley of Mexico and its two mighty volcanoes.

Occupying the site of the main square of the Pre-Columbian town of Tlatelolco and the scene of the last desperate stand by the Aztecs in – an event remembered by a memorial tablet – the square takes its name from its interesting mix of buildings from three different periods: Aztec pyramids and temples, a Spanish church, and modern tower blocks.

In addition to the principal pyramid, other Aztec remains include a number of smaller pyramids, platforms, staircases, walls, and altars, as well as a “tzompantli,” a wall of skulls and fine reliefs of Aztec calendar signs. The square is also home to a rather sobering memorial museum, Memorial 68, commemorating the tragic murder of some protesting students by government forces in Also of note is the Baroque church of Santiago de Tlatelolco, built in the early 17th century on the site of a small chapel from that belonged to the Franciscan convent of Santiago.

Here, this attractive boulevard widens to 60 meters with a pleasant green strip in the middle containing busts and monuments to numerous national heroes. While now largely known as a busy entertainment and shopping area, this magnificent avenue – laid out during the reign of Emperor Maximilian – is home to a number of important attractions, most notably the massive Independence Monument Monumento a la Independencia , also known as “El Angel” for the figure of a winged goddess of victory standing atop its tall meter column.

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The secret is finally getting out. This country is relaxed, scenic, inexpensive, and absolutely full of beautiful girls that are often drawn to foreigners. For those that have either grown weary of spots like Brazil and Argentina , or are simply wanting a new experience, Colombia is the top choice. While the insanity of the drug wars left a mark in the 80s and 90s, Medellin has come a long way back from the lawlessness and general upheaval that ravaged this amazing city for so long.

This would bring temporary truces.

Generally speaking, the mixture of indigenous and European peoples has produced the largest segment of the population today— mestizos , who account for between one-half and two-thirds of the total—via a complex blending of ethnic traditions and perceived ancestry. At the time Europeans arrived in the early s, what is now Mexico was inhabited by peoples who are thought to have migrated into the Americas from Asia tens of thousands of years ago by crossing a former land bridge in the Bering Strait.

After their arrival in Mexico, many groups developed unique cultural traits. Highly organized civilizations occupied various parts of Mexico for at least 2, years before European contact. The splendid Aztec cities of the Mesa Central were marvels of architectural design, irrigation technology, and social organization. In many ways the indigenous civilizations of Mexico were more advanced than that of their Spanish conquerors. Following the arrival of Europeans, intermarriage resulted in an increasing mestizo population that over the centuries became the dominant ethnic group in Mexico.


Districts[ edit ] Mexico City main districts and roads The city is officially divided into 16 delegaciones boroughs which are in turn subdivided into colonias neighborhoods , of which there are over ; however, it is better to think of the city in terms of districts to facilitate the visitor getting around. Centro Historico – Where it all began. Many historic colonial landmarks, and the famous Aztec Templo Mayor, can be found here.

The populations of the largest metropolitan areas are growing the most rapidly in absolute numbers, but the highest percentage increases have often been in small- and intermediate-sized cities.

Olmec culture diffused through Mexico into formative era cultures in Chiapas, Oaxaca and the Valley of Mexico. In Central Mexico the height of the classical period saw the ascendancy of Teotihuacan, which formed a military and commercial empire. It had the largest structures of pyramids built in the pre-Columbian Americas. During the early post-classic Mexico was dominated by Toltec culture, and the lowland Maya had important areas at Calakmul and Chichen Itza.

At the end of the post-Classical period, the Aztecs built a tributary empire covering most of Central Mexico. The Mesoamerican cultural traditions ended in the 16th century and over the next centuries, Mexican indigenous cultures were under Spanish colonial rule. However, contrary to popular misconceptions neither the Maya nor the Aztec culture ever entirely “disappeared” and to this day many Mexicans trace at least part of their heritage to indigenous roots and language such as Nahuatl and numerous Maya tongues are still spoken by hundreds of thousands or even millions of Mexicans.

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