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Bulk properties[ edit ] Thorium is a moderately soft , paramagnetic , bright silvery radioactive actinide metal. In the periodic table , it lies to the right of actinium , to the left of protactinium , and below cerium. Pure thorium is very ductile and, as normal for metals, can be cold-rolled , swaged , and drawn. Aluminium ‘s is In the beginning of period 7 , from francium to thorium, the melting points of the elements increase as in other periods , because the number of delocalised electrons each atom contributes increases from one in francium to four in thorium, leading to greater attraction between these electrons and the metal ions as their charge increases from one to four. After thorium, there is a new downward trend in melting points from thorium to plutonium , where the number of f electrons increases from about 0.

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Messenger The popular mythology of heavy metal begins with an amputation. In the mid s, teenage guitarist Frank Anthony Iommi lost the tips of several fingers in an industrial accident. To compensate for this loss, he tuned his guitar lower, slackening the strings to make them easier to bend.

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But was it our best year in film? Many of the risks paid off, big time. Drag queen performers Mitzi Hugo Weaving and Felicia Guy Pearce and transsexual Bernadette Terence Stamp take a bus trip through the vast interior of Australia to reach Alice Springs, along the way interacting with the locals, confronting homophobia and performing some superbly camp musical numbers I Will Survive and Finally among them.

Twenty years after its release, this clash-of-cultures classic still boasts a 93 per cent Fresh rating on movie review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes. Key images from Priscilla featured in the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony in and it has been turned into a stage musical. Yes Loud and proud It set Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths on the path to long and acclaimed international careers and made PJ Hogan the rom-com director of choice for a while, at least. Muriel Collette is an awkward, overweight and often pathetic figure.

After stealing money from her dad to pay for an island holiday, Muriel runs away to Sydney with her far more outgoing new mate, Rhonda Griffiths. Yes Classic Aussie film Jeff just happens to be gay. The film veers from gentle commentary on masculinity, father-son relationships and acceptance to serious meditation on the ties that bind when Harry suffers a stroke. Crowe had been hot property since Romper Stomper was released two years prior; The Sum of Us was his last local production before he gave Hollywood a try.

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One way to see how this might play out in the future is to consider how northern development is already unfolding in the present. And one place to look is the southwest Gulf of Carpentaria region of the Northern Territory, around the township of Borroloola , where development is in full swing. Here, over the past few years, mining effort has increased, with the expansion of existing mines and the development of new ones.

Added to this, vast areas throughout the region have been identified for shale gas extraction.

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The great thing about music is that someone’s always pushing the boundaries. Check out this selection of unusual, innovative and downright weird genres that might just expand your musical horizons. Then there’s splittercore, where the tempo goes up to bpm. Unblack metal is a response to this, either denying Satanism or promoting Christianity.

Later, Unblack Metal groups started penning ideological and philosophical lyrics. Professor Elemental and Mr. Their eponymous debut album was released in Their attire is not very different from that of a Manga comic character: Fused with metal, this forms a unique combination. During stage performances, Scottish Pirate Metal bands dress in period costumes. Nintendocore fuses aggressive styles of modern rock with video game music.

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What chemicals are in your coffee? Your skinny cappuccino may come with several unwanted chemicals. An analysis by the nation’s food regulator details a list of 14 substances that didn’t surprise scientists, but will shock coffee lovers. Flat whites contained the highest number of contaminants – 13 – while cappuccinos had Instant coffee still dominates the market, but there has been a shift towards cafe varieties, with takeaway coffee now part of the daily ritual.

From arsenic to aluminium, copper, tin, nickel and acrylamide – a chemical that has the World Health Organization WHO on alert aft er it was found to cause cancer in rats – most of the coffees analysed had about a dozen contaminants. Heavy metal The heavy metals leach into the coffee beans through the soil, but other contaminants, such as acrylamide, occur as a result of roasting the beans at temperatures higher than degrees.

Scientists say there is no cause for alarm, although they will investigate further as part of the next Australian Total Diet Study. Acrylamide also forms when roasting potatoes, burning toast or frying food, when sugars interact with amino acids. If it was roasted at lower temperatures, the coffee would be undrinkable, he says. Furan, another chemical the WHO is concerned about because of its carcinogenic properties, was found in all eight coffee types tested.

Dr Brent says rates of contaminants in coffee in Australia compare favourably internationally and are seen to be so low the regulator has no maximum levels set, unlike fish, which is regulated for mercury and lead content.

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In this lesson, you will learn about the music, history, mentality and appearance of the heavy metal subculture. Following the lesson will be a brief quiz to test your knowledge. What Is Heavy Metal?

It must also surely stand as a landmark year as far as the amount of local talent it exposed to international audiences for the first time.

Wife Natalia Baksheeva has told police the gruesome family had at least 30 victims over 18 years, and it is feared she fed human meat to student pilots in the military academy where she was a nurse, according to reports in Russia. State investigators are seeking to verify the claims about dozens of victims of the sinister pair from Krasnodar who were detained after seven bags of body parts were found in their fridge and freezer. At least one jar with pickled human remains, and 19 slices of skin were also discovered in the macabre flat.

A man aged 35, named as Dmitry Baksheev pictured left from Krasnodar in southern Russia, was identified as having told interrogators he began his macabre reign of terror in The first picture released of alleged woman cannibal Natalia Baksheeva, 42 The pair was detained after a mobile phone was found in Krasnodar city with pictures showing a man posing for selfies by human body parts, it was reported.

A man with what appears to be a hand in his mouth The man had been killing and eating people since , according to his confession. Body parts of a woman found in Krasnodar Many cans with steamed meat were found in their kitchen, a source told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

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Name Badges A lanyard is a type of cord worn around a person’s neck, usually to display an ID badge in a place of employment or at a conference or seminar. They often serve as a promotional device by having a company logo printed along the cord. Lanyards have many uses in these modern times but they are also steeped in history. Indeed, legend has it, that the first mammoth that was knocked out by the first caveman was thanks to one hefty rock and one modestly upcycled lanyard.

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